Funeral For A Fuck (demo)

by Funereality

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First pressing on CD-r, limited to 20 copies.
Second pressing on tape, released by Death Invocation, limited to 100 copies.

Tape version comes wtih bonus track
4. Knulla Lik (Slaskfittorna) 1:03


released January 1, 2010

Gusten Andlös - All instruments, vocals



all rights reserved


Funereality Sweden

Funereality is a one-man-band that plays filthy, scuzzy, retarded, shiteating death-metal. Feel free to download and pay whatever you want, if you review it or just wanna tell me how bad it sucks drop me a line.

Total... Unabashed... AUTOPSY!!! Worship...
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Track Name: Funeral For A Fuck
fearful slut, running from my shadows
I hunger for, taste of quivering human flesh
sexual deviant, outcast of society
raging lust, burning up from inside me

ripping flesh, my cold steel spills their blood
I carve holes, for my cock to penetrate
shredding guts, rusted knife stuck in your gut
drinking blood, my teeth grinding bones

funeral for a fuck
funeral for another worthless bitch!

pungent stench, of guts and splattered brains
fuck her corpse, a bloody fucking mess
dig a hole, a shallow grave awaits her now
keep her head, for future acts of love

funeral for a fuck
funeral for another worthless bitch!
Track Name: Master Of The Foul Arts
I rob the graves in the name of art
grizzly objects of my theft toss them in my cart
on my way back home the stench gets me hard
cut the bodies with broken glass, a bloodcovered shard

crush the skulls make them
make a crown of fingernails
put on eyeball in the mouth
glue the teeth around the eyes

I mount my corpsecreation
on a tripod made of arms and legs

sewn together with barbed wire
paint the masterpiece with blood and shit
final touch I back down
a candle on the top lights it well

I masturbate in their graves
freakish sight of horrid art
I revel in guts and blood
I am the master of the foul arts
Track Name: Bloodsucking Freak
a romanian ghoul
that lives in a cave
crawling in filth
suck their life

I arrive in a dream
stick my teeth
lick the holes
I leave behind

I like to drink young blood
I feast on underaged cunts
Rape their sex with my teeth
gnawing at their preteen clits