Deathwish (demo)

by Funereality

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Arthur Lopez
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Arthur Lopez Sludgy, dark, and brutal! This is a sick as fuck demo, you're only doing yourself a disservice by not listening to it. Favorite track: Fetid Hole.
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recorded in Hogwood Studios
released on Hogwood Records
initial release 30 x CD-R


released February 7, 2014

all music and lyrics by Funereality
artwork by Gusten Andlös



all rights reserved


Funereality Sweden

Funereality is a one-man-band that plays filthy, scuzzy, retarded, shiteating death-metal. Feel free to download and pay whatever you want, if you review it or just wanna tell me how bad it sucks drop me a line.

Total... Unabashed... AUTOPSY!!! Worship...
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Track Name: Human Urinal
on her knees, chained to the floor
rope pulled tight, around her swollen tits
bleeding buttring dripping, shit on the floor
pins stuck deep, in her aching flesh

ripped, raped and ravaged, covered in cum
gasping for air, and sobbin in pain
she opens her mouth, awaiting her prize
I scratch my ass, and piss in her mouth
Track Name: Flabby Folds Of Flesh
snatched in the park, dumped in my trunk
this bitch is a big one, I'm in for some fun
she's covered in sweat, screaming for help
gag her mouth and piss in her face

I stretch her smelly cunt
tongue her shitfilled crack
remove the gag and break her teeth
I rape her fucking mouth

dump a load on her baggy tits
rub it in and play with it
slash her skin with my whip
she pukes and cries as I slit her throat

masturbating with blood on my hands
cut of her foot, make use of it later
the rushing of blood, my surging high
cum on her flabby folds of flesh

dig a big hole in my yard
there she'll sleep with the rest
I'd hate to see her boyfriend mourn
tomorrow I'll treat him just like her
Track Name: Aching Brains
sewn together chin to chin
broken jaws clamped shut
cracked skulls join the two
aching brains rub against each other

conjoined twins my sick creation
split ribcage joined as one
festering stitches oozing pus
retarded being numb with pain

remove two legs, stitch it up
intestines merged, function as one
one big cunt and flacid butthole
vaginal secretions mix with anal excretions
Track Name: Fetid Hole
stalking the roads again
with my shovel in hand
I scrape the mangled remains
shove the sticky mess in my bag
in my house all things smell
mold is creeping up the walls
I skin the animal cadavers
and nail the fur to my floor

stich pieces of skin together
to cover my filthy body
rotting flesh fill my shelves
candles light this gruesome scene

in my bed I jerk my cock
rub the slimy guts of a dead dog
after I'm done I shoot smack
right up in my anal crack

feasting on the mushed brains
of a smashed deer I found
drooling in mad delirium
the skulls on my table laugh at me

surrounded by death and stinking decay
I rave and I rant in my festering fetid hole